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Testimonials From our Directors

MD Mohsin Rabbani

Abloom as a whole, pursues perfection in quality, on-time delivery, and overall customer satisfaction. I and my family have been working together as a team for the past 16 years, nurturing and honing our values and integrity. Now Abloom has 3 projects under its umbrella, employing over 1800 people. Keep us in your prayers for all the future projects that Abloom is working on.

Mahbubur Rahman

We put the utmost priority on production, One of the most important things to Abloom is the commitment to quality and on-time delivery. It is engraved in the very ethos of the company. Abloom has been awarded from Auchan for its consistency in these two aspects. Besides, efficiency and resourcefulness are the way of the future. On both, our garments and dyeing facilities optimum efficiency is achieved through our new and state of art machinery. We urge any customer to visit our facilities and see for themselves and then decide if they would want to work with us.

Masudur Rahman

The departments under my control are HR, admin, commercial, and compliance. Our employees are the crown jewel of the company. Their effort, trust, and loyalty to Abloom have brought it where it is today. Being in dept of their service, Abloom and Auchan International collaborated on providing our workers with Universal Healthcare Plan (UHCP), it is a project run by the Bangladesh Diabetic Association (BADAS), under this project we are able to provide our employees with free healthcare. Doctors are available in our facility 4-5 days a week. Starting from doctors visits, medicine and even surgeries are covered under this plan.

Naimul Hassan

Bangladesh has been one of the most prominent sourcing hubs, for clothing buyers worldwide. The economic prosperity all over the world and the development of RMG in Bangladesh went hand in hand. Today we are in a position where we are capable of producing variety and value-added products. Strategically Abloom aims to facilitate all upcoming demands and trends of the market. At the same time ensuring optimum quality, support, commitments, and on-time delivery on a micro-level.