Impeccable Commitment Towards Quality and Delivery

Abloom being one of the most celebrated up and comers of the garment industry we pride ourselves on producing the best quality garment products. We are a factory of 14 sewing lines, state-of-the-art knitting, printing facilities, and 1,000,000 capacity/month.

The market usually faces its ups and downs. Having a flexible and innovative mindset has helped us to not only face those challenges but to excel in these adverse scenarios. We are where we are because of our customers, through their co-operation and continuous support they have always been by Abloom’s side. Moreover, the continuous determination and hard work of our employees played a major role in the company’s success. Now the firm consists of a few projects involving Abloom Design LTD Garments unit, Abloom Design LTD Dyeing Unit, and NRR Fashion.

Beyond Boundaries

Abloom is an entirely export-focused company with a total of 115 million USD of export to more than 20 countries worldwide.


Established in 2005, we grew exponentially from a 400 people team to now 1800 People firm. During these 15 years, we earned “Best supplier for on-time delivery 2015”, “Supplier of the year 2015” and “Best supplier for Quality in South Asia 2018” from our trusted buyer Auchan. 


Sewing Lines



MD Mohsin Rabbani

MD Mohsin Rabbani

Managing Director



Director of Production

Masudur Rahman

Masudur Rahman

Director of Admin, Commercial and Compliance

Naimul Hassan

Naimul Hassan

Marketing Director

Award-winning Process

With an innovative and safe approach in the process, we have been recognized for the exceptional manufacturing process.


United Healthcare

We are running the Universal Healthcare Care Plan for our employees. 

The medicine is also provided free of cost to all employees. All of our workers can visit hospitals that are under the BDA and get a free consultation. This is one of the biggest healthcare plans for workers available yet in the garment industry.


Before EID Break, all workers are treated with new traditional clothes.

They are also provided goody bags including necessary groceries. These are small tokens of appreciation, to compensate for the hard work they all do day in and day out for the company and to share the happiness together.


Every few years, Abloom Design LTD takes the initiative to take all employees on picnics and sightseeing.

Picnic along with interesting fun games are organized each year for the employees at renowned resorts. All of the events are there to ensure our employees have fun and there are enough activities for everyone to engage in. 


Testimonials From our Directors

MD Mohsin Rabbani

Abloom as a whole, pursues perfection in quality, on-time delivery, and overall customer satisfaction. I and my family have been working together as a team for the past 16 years, nurturing and honing our values and integrity. Now Abloom has 3 projects under its umbrella, employing over 1800 people. Keep us in your prayers for all the future projects that Abloom is working on.

Mahbubur Rahman

We put the utmost priority on production, One of the most important things to Abloom is the commitment to quality and on-time delivery. It is engraved in the very ethos of the company. Abloom has been awarded from Auchan for its consistency in these two aspects. Besides, efficiency and resourcefulness are the way of the future. On both, our garments and dyeing facilities optimum efficiency is achieved through our new and state of art machinery. We urge any customer to visit our facilities and see for themselves and then decide if they would want to work with us.

Masudur Rahman

The departments under my control are HR, admin, commercial, and compliance. Our employees are the crown jewel of the company. Their effort, trust, and loyalty to Abloom have brought it where it is today. Being in dept of their service, Abloom and Auchan International collaborated on providing our workers with Universal Healthcare Plan (UHCP), it is a project run by the Bangladesh Diabetic Association (BADAS), under this project we are able to provide our employees with free healthcare. Doctors are available in our facility 4-5 days a week. Starting from doctors visits, medicine and even surgeries are covered under this plan.

Naimul Hassan

Bangladesh has been one of the most prominent sourcing hubs, for clothing buyers worldwide. The economic prosperity all over the world and the development of RMG in Bangladesh went hand in hand. Today we are in a position where we are capable of producing variety and value-added products. Strategically Abloom aims to facilitate all upcoming demands and trends of the market. At the same time ensuring optimum quality, support, commitments, and on-time delivery on a micro-level.