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Mission and goals

In this very dynamic industry, we are thriving and excelling towards the future. We are planning to increase our set up to 20 lines. Our printing facility has 40,000 production capacity per day and we are also planning to expand on this department. In the recent years government has grant us the gas line for dyeing factory, thus it is expected to be up and running by the year 2020.

About Us

Vision Statement

Textile industry has spread a lot in the recent years. We have grown with it. Regarding the matter of what we want to do in the future is not something, which could be said with ease. Our directors are dedicated to take Abloom to the top. By the year 2020 our Dyeing factory will be running and in the future we want to work with multi-billion dollar companies, who have made their mark in the fashion world, companies like H&M, Mango, Target, ETC. We also have an aim to expand largely on the backward linking divisions.

About Us

About Abloom

Being in one of the least developing country we understand that we have certain responsibilities firstly, towards our own employees, neighbors and the local community. Therefore every year we engage in a bunch of events to help the society. It brings us great pleasure to say that we have implemented the “Universal Healthcare Plan” collaborating with Weave Our Future and Bangladesh Diabetic Federation. This initiative makes sure that our employees get free treatment form doctors who are available in the factory 5 days a week, from 10 selected hospitals under diabetic foundation and 24 hours hotline phone number of doctors for assistance.



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