In the recent years our industry has moved from being largely dependent on manual manufacturing systems to automation and more efficient machineries. Abloom is no different in following the trend. Our cutting department has been utilizing the fabric laying machine, along with Gerber CAD and plotting technology, for many years. By doing this, minimizing wastage and maximizing output.



The sewing section of Abloom currently consists of 14 sewing lines. We are using the most advanced sewing machineries of Juki, Brother and Pegasus. With the advanced features such as Led lit bed and thread trimmer, our workers are able to ensure the optimum quality in products. In a factory consisting of 800 employees sewing department has the most amount of workers working in it, most of which are women.



This is the department which irons, folds, packs and cartons the goods before final delivery. We understand what value that the final product has to our customers. Therefore, our firm always tries to ensure the best quality possible, through integrity, dedication and skillful work. The department controls a team of skilled garments checking team, 30 steam Irons and Iron tables, thread sucker and needle detector machines. Our employees make sure to maintain instructions in checking, folding and final packing.



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